Monday, March 14, 2005

Tom Fuentes is a democrat!

Señor Tomás Fuentes remains in the news after inserting a foot in his mouth last week by leading a crusade to cancel a study abroad program in Spain for students attending South Orange County Community Colleges. His reasoning is that Spain turned its back on the US by withdrawing from the Iraq war last year, that Spain is a dangerous place, and because the study abroad program is elitist.

Dana Parsons in the LA Times has an interesting update with reactions from one parent who got a response from Señor Fuentes.

A quick glance at the statistics on shows us Spain has far fewer asaults, murders, rapes, and crime than we do here at home. Furthermore, they have less traffic fatalities and their life expectancy is higher than ours in the US. The fact is the kids would have an experience of a lifetime if they went to Spain and are likelier to run into harm's way if they stay here!

Señor Fuentes, former chairman of the Orange County Republican party, tells us the program is elitist because only students who can afford it can go. What a noble thought for a republican. Not just any republican, but as the SOCCCD website informs us, a democratic minded Knight of Malta and Knight of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem. The same website also points out he is a sixth generation Californian so we don't confuse him with some other lesser ranked species.

Did you know the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher are the only people allowed to ride into a church on a horse? Isn't that a bit elitist? That's worthy of another post.


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