Thursday, February 03, 2005

There's a worm in that apple

Several days have passed since flok dekoke world has read anything on Apple's lawsuit against Thinksecret. You may recall that Apple recently filed a lawsuit to "shutter the reporting efforts of a Web site that since 1998 has been the Internet's top source for news scoops about Apple and the Mac" as Thinksecret puts it.

The lawsuit was a bit surprising considering how positive and Apple friendly the Thinksecret site generally is. In the days before the Macworld expo a few weeks ago, Thinksecret was instrumental in building up the hype around Apple's new products as they speculated on what new toys would be unveiled at the show. Thinksecret is often cited in the press and has undeniably helped build the Apple mystique.

In flok dekoke's small mind, Apple is getting off too easy with this lawsuit. A few days before Apple announced the lawsuit, a bookchain in Scotland fired an employee for comments on his personal blog (The Wolamaloo Gazette). What followed in that case is an ongoing uproar around the world that the book chain will surely regret for many moons to come. See today's Guardian for more on that story.

Apple could use a little of this medicine too. They are often treated with kid gloves by the press because we see them as the underdog in a windows dominated world but methinks they have gone too far this time. As much as fdk likes apple computers, we own two, some heavy duty blogospheric slamming is in order unless you think it's OK for cocky corporations to trample over our right to free speech!


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