Friday, February 04, 2005

A Sour Note and a Happy Ending at the Woolamaloo Gazzette

Two quick things on the life and times of Joe Gordon, the guy who got fired from his job at a well known bookstore chain in the UK.

The first is a post on Plasticbag complaining about the whole affair, but missing the point on how corporations can intrude maliciously in our personal lives and why it is important to push back on this trend regardless of the details of this particular case.

The second, is that Mr. Gordon has landed a nice position in the book trade with Forbidden Planet, purveyors of science fiction and comic books among other things. So this adventure seems to end with fame and glory for him and a higher paying job doing what he likes.

As one astute observer posted in today's Woolamaloo Gazzette, "Well done on the new job. Don't twat it up like the last one."


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