Sunday, February 20, 2005

The French Connection

Flok dekoke world is back! I flew back from Paris yesterday afternoon after a solid good week in France. We conducted three experiments and they were successful! The first case in Rennes went well and monsieur B requested a second case for the next day. This was providential as the case scheduled originally in Paris for the next day was cancelled at the last minute. All three human subjects are doing OK and fdk set the stage for more cases at three other labs.

The trip over was a last minute mad rush. Everything, the airline and train tickets, the hotel reservations, the devices, the coordinates, everything was only ready on Saturday morning and I barely made it to airport. I flew over on Virgin Atlantic via London Heathrow. It was the best deal fdk could get to Paris (US$680).

Flok dekoke wonders if the lady at the Virgin check in counter is an fdk world fan. The flight was completely full except for one row of three seats which was assigned to none other than yours truly. This meant fdk could lie his carcass in a horizontal position much like the heavy breathers in Upper Class.

There was, however, one dilemma, to sleep or to watch movies. Normally not an issue on United or American Airlines, but Virgin is deploying a new entertainment system on their flights with large color screens on every seat and with over 300 movies, and countless TV programs, games and documentaries to choose from. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding couch potato, this system is highly recommended, very niiiice...

France was good to flok dekoke. My three readers may recall I had no budget and no expense account for this expedition. Despite this, I ate well and was invited to spend the last two days at monsieur Le Schof's cozy place right smack in the heart of the Marais district in Paris. No room for francophobes in fdk world.


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