Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Free Arash and Mojtaba

Flok dekoke was going to post a rant on the vulgarity of Carly Fiorina's $21 million severance pay after her mediocre performance at HP. Before I got to that, however, I was reminded by the Woolamaloo Gazzette that today is the international blogger's day of action. Ms. Fiorina and her fancypants Stanford MBA degree will just have to wait their turn.

The Committee to Protect Bloggers has launched their first campaign to free two fellow bloggers imprisoned in Iran. Their stories are described on CPB's site. The idea is that people focus their blogs today on this particular campaign so here is fdk's drop in the blogospheric ocean.

Freedom of speech is an important cause in flok dekoke world and we have posted several rants on the topic previously. Mostly stuff concerning individual bloggers who get trampled by nasty corporate types. But the CPB reminds us that in other parts of the world, in this case Iran, people are rotting in prison for expressing an opinion. This is clearly wrong even if the opinions are distasteful. It is also yet another reminder for us in our cushy little homeland of how bad things can get when narrow minded dunces take over.

Not even Ms. Fiorina deserves to be treated that way.


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