Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The coffee is killing me

The espresso machine has been failing for several months. The gasket is hardened and leaks hot water into the cup when you use it. Krups, of course, is not interested in making it easy to get a replacement so the rootin tootin machine is just taking up valuable real estate in flok dekoke world's tiny kitchen counter. I bought a cheap stove top espresso maker on my last expedition to Madrid and subject M likes the taste but I feel nauseous after I drink the coffee. We only use 100% colombian in flok dekoke world and I don't think it's a brand thing. It's likely some chemical reaction thingy. Fdk is addicted to the smoothest coffee in the world and can feel his blood pressure gently rising with each gulp. Mood improves in minutes and then the nausea sets in for a while. Aneurism developing, not good...

I read that men that have smoked more than 100 cigarrettes in their life should get an ultrasound exam to see if they have an aortic aneurism. 100 cigarettes over 50 years is not a heck of a lot so practically every guy surviving beyond 60 is going to need an exam. The thing is, according to the article, when an aortic aneurism bursts, you can die within minutes. A real bummer if you can't make one last post on the old blog and say goodbye to everyone but maybe not a bad way to go compared to other diseases.

flok de koke should write a will, or maybe not. Let them fight over the scraps. Make that a triple espresso.


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