Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bloated tripe and rejection letters

Subject M returns tonight from her second interview out east. Not her top choice apparently. Not that we have many choices in any case. Now we wait, and we wait, until a skinny white envelope shows up in the mail or the telephone rings unexpectedly. The tears will follow if it's an envelope and the anxiety will rise to new heights if it's an offer. Of course, nobody has a clue whether to accept or not to accept. So we will agonize over this and there will likely be some heated discussions until a decision is made and flok dekoke world changes for ever.

In the mean time, flok dekoke returns to France on Saturday for our first human experiments over there. It will be nice to get out of my beloved california republic for a few days. No expense account on this trip so the tripe will be subjected to eurotrash food and prolonged periods of abstinence. The fungi will flourish again on my feet and every pitiful devalued dollar fdk spends will hurt like a like a kick in the shin. Fdk needs to hustle some money soon so we make do these trips with some class.


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