Thursday, January 20, 2005

Of Otters and Coronations

A busy day at the lab tending to administrative stuff and preparing for the next batch of experiments. One really good thing is that Subject A actually practiced violin today, an increasingly rare sight. I am jealous Subject A gets to go to Monterey next week to the Seymour Marine Institute to see the otters. Definitely cool!

The laboratory's patrons have leased a yatch of some sort tomorrow night for a cruise around the city and the bay. A suit & tie affair with families aboard. No resistance from Subject A for the moment.

Coronation ceremonies for George II were held in the capital today. We avoided all media by burying our heads in the sand and managed to get only minimal schrapnel from some religious wonk gloating on the radio over the moral mandate George II received from the people... blah, blah.


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