Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Don't give up Joe!

I've been thinking of Joe Gordon over the past couple of weeks. Joe Gordon, you might recall, is a blogger in Scotland who recently lost his job at a well known book chain because of some relatively mild comments he made on his blog the Woolamaloo Gazette. You can read all about it on his excellent blog at The Woolamaloo Gazette

His gazette, by the way, is one of flok dekokes favorite blogs and is one of the first I read every day. In any case, it turns out Mr. Gordon went to his appeal yesterday backed by the RBA, which is his trade union. I have no idea whether or not his appeal will prosper but I can imagine it must be a fairly stressful thing to go through. He ends today's entry hoping the company will be reasonable "since no-one wants to go down the route of an industrial tribunal".

I selfishly wonder if it might not be better for all of us if he takes the matter to the bitter end at the tribunal. I realize doing so may involve spending a pile of money on lawyers and a prolonged dispute which may affect his employment opportunities because of the publicity involved. But even if he looses, there is merit in defending freedom of speech and bloggers rights to rant. At the very least, the negative publicity ought to make corporations think twice before doocing an employee for a blog. Maybe next time your enlightened boss feels offended by your clever observations, she/he will have a quiet word with you rather than throwing your carcass out the door.


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