Sunday, January 16, 2005

Day 2

Spent the afternoon working at a fast food joint during a women's basketball game to benefit the local elementary school's 5th grade trip to Mexico. One doesn't really think of the hectic pace and hard work that goes on behind the scene at these places when you are there eating. We gained a lot of respect for the people that work hard at these joints earning minimum wages. Can't ever complain about havimg to wash dishes at home ever again. It was a good cause and flok dekoke's little world grew a little more yesterday.

FDK thanks Subject A for providing the new picture posted last night on flok dekokes world. Somehow it seems to capture the state of the realm these days and it is one of my favorite pictures. Subject A's advice and support on these postings are much appreciated.

Over the holidays we found a copy of a diary belonging to JM property of O describing (blogging?) his travels through Corsica, the south of France, and Paris from 1921 into the great depression and the return to the village to face bankruptcy. Reading through his notes is one reason flok de koke decided to try writing this blog. Of course, my world is a lot smaller than JM property of O's, so our hope is for these dull posts to be of interest in 85 years. I wonder if anyone will be able to access blogger then?


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